How you could use a restyling like this to the Renault Clio 2016?

Renault Clio 2016 recreaciónThe Renault Clio is already approaching half of its business cycle, a time in which the brand should fine-tune the car to stay a few more years to the sale. In addition to new technology and some of the best spot, the design could also aderezarse to get closer to the new launches such as the Megane or the Talisman. How about this restyling to the Renault Clio 2016?

Very probably in 2016, the next year, when we see an update to the utility of the house, an update that could arrive with the aspect that today we will show you. It is a first recreation the Clio 2016 part of DesignRM, and takes into account the new DNA of the brand with details collected from three of the latest releases of the brand’s diamond.

Renault Clio 2016 recreaciónThe front receives the daylight in the form of appendix that extends through the lower part of the headlights, removing the trim from the black plastic of the current version to reduce the size of the set. The chosen model is a GT, which would incorporate new bumper with air intakes larger and color contrast.

The rear doesn’t seem to have any change at all, but look only. pilots have some similar shapes but, like the headlights, removed the moldings on black for the bottom and they gain in size. Are more similar to those of the new Kadjar, in fact, share signature LED light.

The Renault Clio 2016, in addition to a new image, it should incorporate new equipment, as some security systems more highly evolved, or greater comfort technology. We can count with the latest generation of the multimedia system R-Link and we should not rule out that the central display gain in size in order to provide connectivity to the edge of a greater meaning.

Source – DesignRM

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