Howling for You: the Lexus LFA sounds so thoroughly in a tunnel (video)

The Lexus LFA is a very special car. I have spoken at length about his craft construction, and how Lexus had to patent construction techniques in carbon fiber to make this supercar. Yes, there are other faster cars and other much cheaper with better performance, but this comparison is not to understand the Lexus LFA . The LFA is pure technical excellence pure mechanical orchestra. A wind orchestra orchestrated by a bright and acute Yamaha engine, 4.8 V10 560 CV .

The engine turns up so fast that Lexus had to dispense with an analog tachometer. It was not fast enough.

This atmospheric tour over 9,000 rpm, with one of the most daunting mechanical howls that we have heard in a long time. My partner David Villarreal could lead a unit in the airport of Ciudad Real – yes, that has been sold for 10,000 euros just a few days ago – and remember the sound as one of its most spectacular and distinctive attributes. What happens when he gets to a Lexus LFA into a tunnel and playing with their marches? Well, something like what happened in the Grand Prix F1 of yesteryear.

That the listening pleasure is maximized exponent possible. Tunnels already cause leaks in the walls resound, amplifying their impact hearing. It is one of my favorite pleasures with good sound performance based car: speeding up the cut in a tunnel delight my ears . When the car is a machine level Lexus LFA , this enjoyment acquires an unknown dimension. I already can not wait anymore, so here I leave the video that you will brighten your day.

In motor: Lexus LFA speed test at the airport in Ciudad Real

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