Huff: “I’ve seen how Citroën won three titles”


Rob Huff took the decision to abandon the team official
to sign for Münnich Motorsport, a risky move at all
lights except for one nuance, to compete with the German team allows you to have one of
the four Citroën C-Elysée
that will be on the grid of the WTCC in 2017. By the
time, the briton has dominated the two-day official test in
Monza, although beyond the time what is important are the feelings. And in
this aspect, the champion of 2012 has proven the benefits of the Citroën, up to
such an extent that it considers that Volvo and Honda do not match their performance.

In this aspect, Rob Huff has confessed in a statement to
‘TouringCarTimes’ the Citroën C-Elysée is a car far superior:
“After my first laps with the car, I’ve already proven how
Citroën won three titles
with so much ease. Every tourist I’ve ridden
have any ‘tick’, a problem of personality. However, the
Citroën is not so, it just works well in every way and do not have
no inconvenience at all. Everyone says that it is a challenging car
fly, but when I drove it in Spain, I felt a connection almost instantly with
the car. I am very happy with the car“.

Although Rob Huff believes that the Citroën C-Elysée will not be the
fastest car in all the time, is also convinced that has the
enough pace to beat the two teams of the factory
and Honda
Volvo this season: “I Know Honda pretty well. Last year I was
involved in what they are planning to do this year, but I don’t think that they can
capture the speed of this car. For its part, Volvo was too far away
in the past year as to reduce this difference. I Think that will be fast and
will be close, but I don’t think that surpass this car