Huff, Monteiro and Michelisz, Honda riders in the WTCC


¡Secret confirmed! The insistent rumors about the possibility of a third Honda Civic WTCC in the official team of the brand have not ceased cease until the structure itself has confirmed this. The team Castrol Honda WTCC will compete in 2016 with Tiago Monteiro, Rob Huff and Norbert Michelisz. A bet that not only means a greater involvement in the World of Cars with the inclusion of a third vehicle, but a bet by pilots of talent. However, Huff is absolute champion of the WTCC 2012 and Michelisz has won the Trophy in Yokohama Independent 2015.

Honda puts all the meat on the grill and JAS Motorsport will manage three Civic for the first time since he assumed control of the official team of the japanese brand. An ambitious commitment that will Huff and Michelisz to the team following the departure of Gabriele Tarquini, but that does not overshadow the shortcomings that has the Honda Civic level aerodynamic and that hardly will allow to fight with the Citroën C-Elysée in equality of conditions. In addition, the brand has a new rival in the championship as is Volvo S60 Polestar TC1, which may further complicate their mission.

The arrival of Norbert Michelisz and Rob Huff to Honda are not only two reinforcements much level for the team Castrol Honda WTCC, but the moving hinge to the grid of the WTCC in 2016 undergo some changes. With the departure of Michelisz, the team Zengo Motorsport should look for a new pilot to drive their Honda Civic WTCC private, although there are rumors that the project of the Hungarian team could play. For his part, Rob Huff has left a Lada Vesta emptied after being two years in the Russian team. Lada would be close to confirm Gabriele Tarquini, Hugo Valente and Nicky Catsburg as their three drivers for 2016.