Hulk, the Chevrolet Nova 2500 HP who crossed the streets without control [video]

The Hulk. A be green when he gets angry destroys everything in its path. It is the nickname of a harmless Chevrolet Nova 1967 that its owner has transformed it to competitions of acceleration, “drag racing” as this discipline is known in the U.S. Is a country where you can ride through the streets beasts capable of do the quarter mile in 7 seconds. Not many cars are matriculables, but the owner of the Hulk at times and runs for over 500 kilometres on road with this beast. Blessed madness.

The car began its life as a Chevrolet Nova in 1967, a saloon compact, rear-wheel drive and two doors. Its current owner has retained the chassis and a metal body, which is painted in a beautiful green color. But as you can see, the remaining elements of the car is far from standard. Without going any further, your engine. Is a giant V8 to 10.3 liter displacement, supercharged by two huge turbos to 88 millimeters in diameter. The result? About 2,500 HP. Little joke.

Not strange that with a weight of just over 1,500 kilos, to be able to do the quarter mile in a time is simply brilliant. The owner pampers you as if it was his life, and has invested in the car and its mechanics probably more than $ 50,000. Attentive to the video, and you will understand why they call him “Hulk”.

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