Hülkenberg acknowledges that Renault do not yet evolve to the level of the best


After return to Formula 1 in 2016 through the team Lotus, Renault launched a program of reorganization to ascend on the grill and compete for the title in a period of approximately four years.

But the ascent is still more complex than expected, and in the season in which the goal was to finish among the top five teams, the options of scoring are becoming more scarce than initially planned.

Renault is currently in the eighth square of the constructors ‘ championship to 19 points in the fifth position occupied by Williams, but while in classification the RS17 proved to be competitive, in the race the pace is more precarious and only Nico Hülkenberg has achieved points in four of the eight grand prix competitions.

The team is moving in the right direction, there are many good things in the process of facing the end of the season

Nico Hülkenberg recognizes that, to achieve the objectives, everything must go almost perfect. “It’s hard, everything has to be of our party: to do a great job and have a bit of luck and the rest lower. The team is moving in the right direction, there are many good things in the process of facing the end of the season”, said in remarks to Autosport.


Nico Hülkenberg is supporting Renault, who misses a team-mate competitive.

For the German pilot, who already has 18 points (for none of his teammate Jolyon Palmer) and is eleventh in the general classification of pilots, Renault has a rhythm of development is still below that of top equipment such as Red Bull, which uses the same engine. “Red Bull is one of the top equipment, your level of development has been impressive. From the start of the season to now, have made great steps forward. Us too, but obviously not of the same magnitude, we’re still not at your level”.

In any case, Renault is still a team in the process of reconstruction and Nico Hülkenberg is more optimistic for 2018 season in which the French brand aims to establish itself among the four or five best teams in the grill. “The development of 2018 has already begun, so it is obvious that we are moving forward. The distance of the head is large, so we need a lot of development. Our goal for next year is to be among the top ten in all time, maybe top 8 in a permanent manner”, ” said the German, who came to the team after several years at Force India.