Hülkenberg and Palmer are the stars at the premiere of the RS17


Nico Hülkenberg and Jolyon Palmer have been in charge of unveiling the new Renault RS17, single-seater which will compete in the season 2017 Formula 1 World championship. The German, who faces his first season with the French team, has lived his first great day with the training gala: it Is a new opportunity and fantastic to me. Go to a factory team is something that I always wanted and I fought for it. It is a great opportunity for me. Renault became the last year as a computer manufacturer and share the same ambitions that I, so it is a great opportunity for both”.

In this aspect, Nico Hülkenberg admits that his arrival to the team: “it Has been good. I have a very good impression of Enstone and Viry, and the people who work there. It is a good training and you can feel the passion they have for success. Is great and very encouraging to be a part of all of this. It is evident that there is a lot of work ahead”. The German, is also optimistic about the goals for the new season: “2017 comes after a year where there has been an improvement and where we performed a growth crucial in many areas. The goal is to advance within the grill and be in shape to take another step forward in 2018. I want to put my part to encourage everyone to better performances”.

I Bring my passion, my experience and my hunger for success. I know the team goals, and I want to take the opportunity so that we can all achieve good things. I will do everything possible” explains a Nico Hülkenberg. The German added: “it Is very difficult to judge where we may be. Everything I have seen so far has been very positive. The RS17 looks very sexy. I hope it’s a single-seater strong, good in all kinds of conditions. It has to work well in the different track types and the different types of tires. I would like to have a car balanced, with a rear stable. That is what I want”.


Jolyon Palmer faces his second season as a pilot for Renault: I have learned a lot of things in 2016. I have 20 Great Prizes to my back, which means a great amount of experience, so I start this season well ahead. Should be better in every way. All in all, there are so many unknowns that I think will be very exciting to all riders. It’s going to be very interesting. I believe that this generation of cars will be fun to drive. Seem very different and I’m looking forward to listening to the reactions of the fans. The RS17 seems very fast, but I can’t wait to try it for the first time“.

At the physical level, Jolyon Palmer acknowledges thatI had to put a little more muscle and this means a little more weight. We have focused on have more strength in the upper body, while the year past was not so. I have worked a lot on my neck and in the strengthening in general. I’ve enjoyed eating a little more. After years in which I had to control my weight each day, this year I have been able to up the calories. With the new cars need a little more fuel to turn it into muscle”.

Finally, Palmer concluded: In the simulations, all
has been positive
. It is much more fast and fun. After a hard
season 2016, I think we have a great opportunity to give a good step
forward with the RS17. I Am very excited for the new aerodynamics and the
downforce that we get
. The cars look very different, there are a lot more
freedom for the designers and it is great what they have achieved. The load
aerodynamics will be key to getting fast times. The use of
some wider tires are also going to be interesting. it is Definitely a
exciting time to be in this team