Hülkenberg and Renault, glad to have known


The relationship between Nico Hülkenberg and Renault has already started with the beginning of the new year and both parties take the opportunity to praise each other. The German pilot has cut his vacation to acclimatize as soon as possible to his new team and has been working for a few days in the physical and technical preparation.

Hülkenberg put an end to his relationship with Force India after four seasons with the equipment supplied by Mercedes and Nico, in a statement to Bild am Sonntag, he joked with the possibility of joining the German team. “Mercedes is the supplier of engines to the long-term of Force India, and we did some promotional activities together for Hockenheim in the summer. Rosberg could have said silently that he would retire if he won the title. My goal was to ride for a manufacturer. That is what I have achieved with Renault. We both have goals to fulfill”, said the German pilot.

The physical preparation will be crucial this season, as the riders will see increased demand in that sense a remarkable way. Hülkenberg is aware of this and already prepares to be ready. “I’m working more intensely than ever. I’ve already had the first meetings with the team and I resigned to a longer vacation. My goal is to be as well prepared and trained for the season as possible. The rules are changing the speeds of the curves in a way extreme, so that the neck muscles in particular have to be strengthened in order to be prepared”, said Hülkenberg.

Hülkenberg, the appropriate pilot

For its part, Renault believes in Nico Hülkenberg and think that your talent and experience are what the French need to take the next step and approach progressively to the positions of head.

So says Jerome Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing, has praised the virtues of the German pilot. “This year will be the second season of the return of the Renault Group as a manufacturer in F1 and the next step in our journey. The last campaign he tried to position the foundation for success. For our next step we needed a pilot with experience that still had hunger for the podium. Nico Hülkenberg fits in this role perfectly and is an excellent complement to what we want to achieve. You have a great talent and dedication and it is a pilot motivated. Nico will enable us to strengthen all of the hard work completed the past season and translate it into improved results in the circuit in 2017 and beyond. We look forward to seeing you in our new car to 2017”, said Stoll F1i.com.