Hülkenberg, prepared for a year of transition in Renault


Nico Hülkenberg is facing a new stage in his sports career with the signing of a constructor like Renault. After having spent six seasons at Williams, Sauber and Force India, the German pilot expects to be able to finally fight for the victories.

But that will not happen in the short term, according to Nico Hülkenberg, who thinks that Renault is still in a phase of construction prior to develop to their full potential in the competition. “These things take time. Build the infrastructure, to have the right people in the project to develop the car, I think to be among the top ten will be a challenge probably. I think that next year will still be a year of construction. You have to be realistic. This has been a year quite difficult. I hope the next one is better, but don’t expect to be among the first six coup”, said Hülkenberg on the French team, which acquired Lotus 12 months ago and, since then, has been working to rebuild a team that went through considerable economic difficulties.

Another of the unknowns that are presented face-to-2017 is how you will be racing. Many drivers criticize the current concept, in that it is more important to manage the consumption, the tyres and the delivery of electrical power than pure speed. Hülkenberg is not clear if that will change, much as tires, and the regulations are new. “sometimes you feel like you’re a little limited because our mentality asks us to pull all the time and that’s not always possible. You have to decide when to pull and when to save. If you want to succeed, you have to play that game with the Pirelli tyres, and do it well”, stated the pilot of Renault, which do you prefer to wait to complete at least the test to form an opinion. “it Is too early to know how will be the tires and the cars. We’ll know when we’ve done a race or test. I hope you will allow us to pull a little more and not have to manage both, although I’m not sure that is the case”.