Hülkenberg: “Renault is a huge challenge, but I see future in him”


The first official press conference of the FIA in Austin had in Nico Hülkenberg one of the present and more requested to answer the questions. Obviously, the attention was focused on his recent signing for Renault and that the German pilot expects to achieve with its movement from Force India.

For Hülkenberg, the challenge is large, but it is what at this time is adjusted to your personal goals. “they Have the expectation of being in the head and compete for wins, is what I’m looking for. We know that it will be a long trip back to the head. When they bought Lotus was not the easiest of situations, so it will take time to rebuild it. What I see is a good future, a huge challenge, but I am aware and I want to build a history of success with them”.

Nico is aware that Renault is not even in the intermediate positions of the platoon, but is a factory team with ambition and that is what you have been looking for throughout his career. “Since I was in F1 I searched compete with a computer manufacturer and this is an opportunity really good, also the time is a good time. A good decision on my part”.

Force India is, currently, the private team more competitive from the grill and Hülkenberg is grateful for all that has been experienced over five seasons, but think that the opportunity of Renault comes at the right time of his career. “I Think that is the right step in my career at this time. I think and I feel that we have come a long way with Force India, it’s my fifth year and got good achievements together, but it is time for a new challenge”.

Magnussen hopes to be your partner

Kevin Magnussen was also present at the press conference and, with his future up in the air, he expressed his desire to stay at Renault and, therefore, to become a partner of Nico Hülkenberg in 2017. “I Hope to be able to continue as his companion. It is my goal, I hope that you don’t take a long time before being able to announce it. We will do this career, we will concentrate on riding, enjoy the moment and see what happens”, completed the pilot Danish.