Hülkenberg shines in rating without thinking about your penalty


Face and cross again in the box Renault in the qualifying session. The Saturday of the Grand Prix of Hungary left its two pilots to almost eight-tenths of difference in Q2, with what is still the #27 the only one that has managed to score for the team gala.

Nico Hülkenberg marked an amazing seventh position, although the bad fortune delayed until the twelfth after replacing the gearbox in the day yesterday. “The penalty for the gearbox is far from ideal, but sometimes this happens. There was No other option than to change it”, explains the German. However, the pilot of the red diamond shows “very happy with the performance of the car today; in fact, it has been really good throughout the weekend. We found a balance very well, and it was a pleasure to exploit it in classification”.

it Was a pleasure to explotarel performance of RS17 in classification

Hülkenberg has shown that it is able to extract all the juice at RS17 when the car adapts moderately to the path of duty, and this weekend is looking good for the yellow cars. “Our pace in the long run looked quite promising yesterday, we have a good potential for the race, we had a car strong so we should be able to recover well”.


For his part, Jolyon Palmer remains mired in his calvary staff, which has resulted in the brides for the seat currently occupied in Renault multiply each Grand Prix that passes. “The car has behaved well, I am a little disappointed not to be in Q3. However, I will surely rend from the tenth position on the grid tomorrow, something decent to get some points”.

I Am a little disappointed not to be in Q3

“he Was among the top ten yesterday in the first free, and today in Q1, so we have seen that there is a good potential in the car”, says the british. The engine French seems to be evolving favorably to the torque that the chassis, but Palmer does not seem to accompany you the chance necessary at times in the category, who remains optimistic for tomorrow. “We have new rubbers, we have options. All we need is to show a good race pace”.