Hülkenberg, skeptical: “A Top 10 will be a big challenge”


the first day of The GP of Austria has been divided into three parts for the Renault team. A division that has taken place because Sergey Sirotkin has been uploaded to the car of Nico Hülkenberg during the FP1. Although Jolyon Palmer should have had more time on track than their peers, an electrical problem in a sensor has paralyzed much of the work of the british pilot during the FP2. Level of performance, Hülkenberg believes that the R. S. 17 it is really difficult to be in Q3 despite being the pilot ninth fastest in the second free.

Sergey Sirotkin has completed 27 laps during FP1 with a best time of 1.08:586, record that has earned him to be sixteenth: “Was nice to have a session clean this morning and get some laps with R. S. 17. After not driving the car in the last few weeks, I was able to feel the impact of the development of the car. Definitely has improved“.

In this aspect, the Russian pilot appreciated the great work done by Renault: “it Is very good to see that the team is moving in the right direction. We work through a program that is pretty decent and I can’t wait to get back to be on top of the car at my next opportunity during an FP1“.

Although we have only the FP2, I got into the program from the computer with quickly

Nico Hülkenberg was rolling on the same car in the afternoon session: “The afternoon went well for me. How we only make the FP2, I had a bit of work to do, but as I got into the program of the computer quite quickly. I had a batch of decent tyres ultrablandos, while in the long run, everything seemed a little more difícil”.

The German pilot was quite candid when assessing the options that has to be in Q3: “has cost Me a bit more to find the balance with the compounds hard. In general it has been difficult to find the right path and you will have to work a little harder to improve the car in its entirety. A Top 10 will be a big challenge in classification“.


For its part, Jolyon Palmer and yes who has enjoyed the full day of work, although a electrical problem in your Renault R. S. 17 has been retained in the box for almost the entire FP2: “I Had a morning positive, I felt happy with the car right away and the verdar that I felt I was in one of the best FP1 for a long time. But the evening was not equal“.

The british driver added: “it Is a pity that after making several adjustments during the morning and after feeling pretty comfortable on the track we had an electrical problem in the afternoon. We were barely able to get a few laps. The team has been looking at and there should be no problems for the car is good tomorrow“.