Hülkenberg: “We have collected data that is important to understand the car”


Renault has closed the fifth day of the test with a taste
. Despite the 73 laps that have been completed between Jolyon Palmer and
Nico Hülkenberg, the French training has been face to face with new problems
of reliability. In fact, the mechanics of the team have been forced to
stop the power unit when Palmer had given only 19 turns and replace
the affected components. All in all, Hülkenberg was able to return to the track on the
evening session for complete a large part of the programme of work that had
for the day of today the brand gala.

In this aspect, Nico Hülkenberg has managed to close the
day with a best time of 1:21.589
, record who has served for
finish with the seventh best time of the day at the wheel of his Renault RS17:
“I’ve had a day pretty decent and I was able to complete the program
planned for the afternoon of today. Despite this, it has not been easy. Today the
wind it felt much
and that affected the feelings that we had inside of the
car. We have collected data that is important to understand the car and also the


As it is logical, Jolyon Palmer ended not so satisfied:
Today I had the opportunity to take few laps before that
stop to change the power unit. Has not been ideal, but it is not the
end of the world. We remain in a good position and I am confident face to the
the beginning of the season. It would have been nice to be able to give more laps because you never
do you want to lose track time. We have more days ahead and I’m impatient
by climbing back up to the car”.

Through the work of its pilots, Bob Bell in quality
Technical Director of the team, stated at the end of the day: Has been a
useful day because we have completed most of the tests that we wanted to
though he made less laps. The morning was disappointing for
Palmer by the change of power unit. The afternoon was more positive for
Hülkenberg, especially with the pace with the soft tyres. Today we have taken another
step solid and we hope to advance more tomorrow