Hunted for the first time next BMW i3 2018

If the past summer, the signing of the Munich updated on your electric vehicle more sold, the i3, with a new battery pack of 33kWh was able to improve one of its major handicaps, the autonomy, reaching the 300 Km of driving in a row. Today our photographers spy have captured the first images of the next BMW i3 2018.


And is that, as we can see on the drive that appears in these snapshots, we find that the model, partially camouflaged hides from us the cosmetic changes that you receive in your restyling, featuring a new front bumper that changes its look with some fog lights new invoice and new spoiler, lower. It also seems, judging by how they have concealed, that his headlights will also be redesigned in this new version.


In his behind, on the other hand, it also reflected the new features aesthetic with a complete redesign of your bumper (now more similar to the i8), although, in this case the optical integrated in the tailgate of luggage compartment, see unchanged.

we have Already mentioned the past month of November the plans of the bavarian manufacturer with respect to its compact power and the possibility that throughout this 2017 occur new changes also in their autonomy, with a cycle NEDC homologated 500 Km of autonomy and a battery could reach 45kWh, ready to fight more closely with the Opel Ampera-e autonomous driving.

After almost 4 years of life in the market, it is very likely that the renewal of the BMW i3 occurs at the end of this year, as being presented model 2018, and since here we bet on the iaa as the appointment, which officially will be released in person the model.