Hunted mule of the Renault Megane RS 2018 with new exhaust central


New prototypes hunted the Megane RS 2018

This same summer we had the occasion to see the first of the mules of evidence that Renault are developing the new RS version of the Megane. While it was initially hunted in the south of Europe, a short time later we were able to see another prototype of the new model undergoing tests at the Nürburgring, this time dressed with the body of the Megane GT, though in both cases, the new tires and brakes of larger dimensions, in addition to the dual exit exhaust rear central were the traits that betrayed the new sports version of the compact French.

On this occasion, we have encountered a new prototype, that has the strange distinction of having a single exhaust outlet, but in the same centered position under the rear bumper.

This mule testing was accompanied by another copy of the same version, on the contrary, yes that installed the exhaust center double. The reasons for this new configuration of the exhaust can be various, from simple tests with various output configurations of the exhaust system to different possible versions of the final model.


Until now, all the prototypes had provisions for double central exit.

Regardless of the number of outputs that have the day of tomorrow the model, what we are sure of is that this new generation will be a huge qualitative leap with respect to the previous generation.

so that we have been able to know, the new mechanics to exceed the 300 HP, which may be associated to either a manual gearbox or automatic dual-clutch EDC, so the more purists can rest assured.

In regards to your rack, we hope a team of braking components
specialist Brembo as well as wheels specific. Other than that, all the
technical section of the new Megane RS is still a mystery. The generation
current of the compact has been a huge step forward technologically, so
we hope to find it again in this sports version, the
least until 2017 will not be prepared.