Hunted new prototype electric Hyundai while loading the batteries


Prototype hunted in South Korea.

A new prototype electric firm Hyundai has been discovered, precisely while you recharged your batteries on a square-enabled vehicles of this type in the parking lot of a shopping center, which allowed an amateur to recognize the vehicle disguised as a test unit, taking the snapshot you can see on these lines.

The vehicle is equipped with a thick camouflage, but we appreciate it as does not seem to correspond with any model seen up until now the Korean manufacturer. size and shapes we can deduce that it is a crossover, and behind his thick camouflage seem to poke a body and lenses final.

there are more images of the model, but the media koreans were put in contact with the brand itself and this confirmed that it really are working on a new SUV electric that would reach 2018, but provided no more details of the model.


KIA Niro hybrid.

According to those who were able to see the vehicle up close has a size very similar to the KIA Niro, a hybrid model that is already available in our market, and whose optical remind us that shows the prototype. At the end of 2017 there will be a version plug-in of the Niro, so that is not ruled out that the prototype is camouflaged is related to the new Niro PHEVS.

According to the media koreans, Hyundai is currently working on a project called “OS Electric Vehicle” that would be a battery 64 kWh, which would allow a range above 320 kms.

If the new power resulting from this project is related to the Niro, KIA or not, is to early to tell, but it would be a possibility to keep in mind. Currently Hyundai has the range Ioniq, which is available, according to markets, in hybrid variant, hybrid, plug-in and electric. So that it would not be surprising new alternative to models like the Niro.