Hunted the Ford Mustang 2018 in its european version


The new Ford Mustang Ecoboost is updated slightly on the outside

is Always good news to know a new successor of the saga Mustang, a family that dates back more than 50 years. we are glad some years ago to know that in Ford would be willing to land their star model on the old continent, a decision that provoked a barrage of joys since it was something that took many years of waiting.

, Now comes the first wash face that was the first Mustang to land in Europe, the version Ecoboost. we Already saw these features in the facelift which was presented at the beginning of the year, with the only difference that the Mustang 2018 was the model that would be sold in the north american market.

Watching this renovated limousine, we appreciate few differences with regard to the american model. In the european version will be equipped a suspension specific for this market, and a different type of headlights in line with the legislation in force in our territory, in addition to a new design wheels and a automatic gearbox 10 relations, this will be available both in the version Ecoboost, as in the variant GT.


A line that leaves no one indifferent

the renewal of The musclecar par excellence, came with a few new front and rear lights, a the new aesthetics of your bumper and a set point both in its interior as in its mechanics, increasing its power slightly. In terms of the mechanics of this facelift european, is expected to increase its power, perhaps even the 340 HP (the current has 314 HP) motor tetracilíndrico Ecoboost and 2.3-liter displacement.

For the variant GT, currently there are few data for its european version, but we hope that you arrive with a higher power to 418 HP delivered by the current model. Reaching perhaps up to the 430 HP extracted from its V8 5.0 liters.

Seeing the level of finish in the you will find this unit test, we are likely to see the coming-of-age of this model at the motor show in Frankfurt at the end of September, taking advantage of the last big event of the year this side of the pond.


In its rear we found a refreshed bumper as well as the new headlights