Hunted the Honda Civic Type-R 2017 in the middle of the street


Prototype of the Civic Type-R caught on the Nürburgring.

One of the prototype tests of the new Honda Civic Type-R has left to see in the streets of California, that seems to be their definitive settings, or at least some specifications are very close to this.

The new Type-R is in the final stages of its development, as we have seen with the presentation of the model recently.

Honda has only revealed the new Civic Type-R conceptual, presenting the Type-R Prototype at the Paris Salon of 2016, however, the precious copy of black that we saw in Paris had a configuration very close to that of the future production version of, as we have seen by the various prototypes that we have hunted these past few months.


Civic Type-R Prototype presented in Paris 2016.

The model that appears in the video shows the same outdoor elements that the Type-R Prototype first exposed in Paris, last October, and later at the SEMA Show Las Vegas 2016, at the beginning of this month of November.

The images are not of good quality, but you can clearly see the body kit, that looks identical in its rear area, wheel arches and rear spoiler are included, so we can expect that Honda unveil a version of the series is modelled on the concept shown so far, and it will be marketed in the same configuration in both north America and Europe.

As the Civic hatchback, will be manufactured at the plant of the brand in the Uk, and shipped from there to the rest of countries, including the united States and Canada. The mechanical specifications are still a mystery, but is expected to count with the engine 4-cylinder VTEC Turbo, derived from the current Type-R, with a largest amount of power, around 340 horses.