Hunted! The new MINI Countryman, bigger, and also hybrid SUV!

A MINI less and less “mini” and more SUV . What are you surprised? The MINI Countryman has managed to establish itself as one of the most important bodies and demanded the range MINI . It has everything, more space, more practicality, is the new fashion crossover enjoys aesthetic MINI although purists lament us that at that point the floor, with that size, MINI increasingly less. And strengthening the recipe for success, the new MINI Countryman is already rolling on Spanish land finalizing its tune. And so, after the release of models 3 and 5 doors, and the presentation of practical Clubman, the next to arrive will be the Convertible, Countryman, and some other surprises that MINI still refuses to confirm .

BMW Active Tourer Series 2 Plug-In Hybrid: 38 kilometers without using a drop of gasoline

Rugged appearance and size, typical of a compact, are obvious . And nor its psychedelic camouflage, yellow and black frames, hide from us the fact that this MINI Countryman will be bigger than ever and enjoy very sharp details, such as your roof shaped visor or integration rear pillar with a small side window.

mini-countryman-hibrido-fotos-espia-04-1440px But these pictures leave us another interesting surprise. What you see is test mule of a MINI hybrid [1.99901 million], which probably open the door to a hybrid and plug-in version of the Countryman. That news does not surprise us too much. In fact we know that BMW , and more specifically BMW Series 2 Active Tourer with which it shares the mechanical base, also released “modest” hybrid versions. The BMW Active Tourer Series 2 Plug-In Hybrid was presented a few days ago, even as a prototype with a combustion engine and an electric three-cylinder engine that, thanks to plug-in lithium battery, would able to confer 38 kilometers of electric range.

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BMW Active Tourer Series 2 Plug-In Hybrid: 38 kilometers without using a drop of gasoline

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