Hunted the next Renault Koleos

Covered up to the eyebrows and with items attached to the body so as to misled. In this way it appears the next generation compact SUV of the French brand that aspires to be a new competitor for the Nissan Juke.

The Renault Koleos, in the market since the year 2008 and without being a super sales success in its segment, waiting a long time for a new generation in place of the various washes face in the form of reestyling that has given the manufacturer gaul. We can now see, thanks to the shots our photographer spy that the development of the todocamino is in a state quite advanced.

As we can see in the images, the new Koleos receives the new design line of the brand with the inspiration set in big brother the Renault Kadjar, leading to a car body lines more rounded and dynamic than the current generation and the new distinctive elements, such as the large front grille that houses the diamond French and gives continuity to the new LED headlamps along with a bonnet less frequent than is present in the snapshots with these humps.


And that is in the line of your body these items we are also misled, although we can clearly see a look more muscular and a waist high as well as a fall less accentuated in the final stretch of his body to increase, very probably, the habitability interior of the model.

In the rear, finally, we can observe the height of your bumper, that respects the central position of the light antinieblas as the current Koleos or the horizontal position of their optical LED, also legacy of the new design language of Renault.

Until the time there is no more data for the next SUV French although it is very likely that we will have more information prior to its submission, which it is speculated will be in the next Paris motor show, the next month of October.