Hunted the Volkswagen Polo 2017 during its testing phase

The new Volkswagen Polo 2017 is almost ready for its debut. The German manufacturer still keeps with great suspicion the design of the new generation of its utility but we are able to see beyond their camouflage to go drawing some conclusions on the developments that we find in the new model.

Still hidden, lto body mounts is the definitive although we appreciate components that can be provisional to try to confuse us as the halogen headlights so as not to attract attention, grills cooling of very basic design and wheels from sheet metal. However, they are exterior details that have not been installed to reveal as little as possible since the vehicle already appears to be finished. In fact a few days ago we saw the version GTi with its distinctive rims in our photos section spy.


The new generation VW Polo will arrive loaded for higher doses of technology and connectivity as demanded by the new customers in this vehicle cutting premium, especially to justify its price on their brothers of the platform (SEAT Ibiza and Skoda Fabia) lower sale price. Speaking of platforms, the new Polo released a version very reduced and simplified from the famous MQB platform called A0, the same used by other vehicles in the group, as the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi TT.

From now on platform MQB A0 Volkswagen will have a unique configuration and distance between axes for all models that use it (Ibiza, Fabia, Polo and A1). In the case of the Polo, this will see an increase in their battle in 90 mm up to a total of 2,56 meters which will result in a greater interior space to the passengers of the second row of seats as the biggest beneficiaries.


longer wheelbase means that it will increase without remedy their dimensions, but these will remain contained around 4 meters long. It will perform a reduction of the cantilever to keep its length.

Its exterior design will have that character continuity how well it works to the German manufacturer, while the interior will be intensely redesigned with a remarkable increase of the quality that will continue to very close to its big brother the Golf. There shall also be a multimedia system of last generation with digital display touch up to 9.5 inches and great gifts of connectivity and integration with Android and IOs devices and even we do not rule out that option a digital scorecard.


The offer of engines will start with small blocks of three-cylinder petrol 1.0-litre about 75 HP in your version of kw, and up to 115 HP on its versions turbo. This will be followed by thrusters four cylinder petrol 1.4-liter between 140 and 160 HP, block TDI of between 90 and 130 HP, and finally the powerful version GTI gasoline whose power will be about 200 HP. As usual, the model will have contraction front and manual change of six speeds of series to be optional dual-clutch DSG.