Hunted! What this meant Porsche Panamera camouflaged?

Porsche preparing a new generation Porsche Panamera , a new generation coming to the work to reaffirm the role of Porsche sedan. We have surprised we would have found filming in Spain yes, still looks strong camouflage, but reminds us that this new generation is closer than we imagine.

Little can be seen under the camouflage unit sighted, but presumably under the skin of this unit would be already a new generation developed on the platform Panamera MLB .

Covered, well covered, from Camouflage Porsche Panamera spotted us by now reveals too many details of the upcoming Porsche Panamera, Porsche Panamera alleged to be with us in mid- next year .

Recall that this new generation of the Porsche Panamera will be built on the platform MLB , a platform that is also responsible for encouraging models Audi , the New Audi A8; Volkswagen with the Volkswagen Phaeton and Bentley with the Flying Spur and Continental GT next.

Less weight, major new technological advances, a supposedly conservative design … and ahead, if forecasts are met, a year of waiting before knowing this new generation.

On the Porsche Panamera:

Currently the Porsche Panamera range offers a choice of engines ranging from 300 horses Porsche Panamera diesel until 570 horses Porsche Panamera Turbo S. Its price starting is 93 398 euros. Total no shortage of alternatives, hybrid drive with a sportier approach …

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