Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang, at 750 hp exhibited at the SEMA

Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang SEMA 2016Morning opens its door to an appointment to the lovers of preparations for vehicles you should follow very closely the SEMA 2016. Held in Las Vegas and brings together countless vehicles preparations of authentic infarction. We are confident that one of the vehicles are exposed to a greater number of glances and flashes you will receive will be this Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang, a preparation spectacular about the Ford Mustang which, in addition, allows its use on public roads.

As we can see in the images, the bodystyling for the body is the most striking. In addition to the combination of the colours white, black and gold, has been introduced an aerodynamic kit with a great splitter front of several centimeters, side skirts, prominent double air intake in the hood, back spoiler, rear diffuser with four exhaust outlets and tires five thick spokes and chromed with various hues used tires 265/35 front and 305/30 rear, with a diameter of 20 inches.

Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang SEMA 2016 interior has also received several changes in this preparation, offering some Recaro seats trimmed in leather with colors white and black, with the name of Hurst embroidered. This same contrast of color is also seen in the upholstery of doors of this particular Mustang.

Seeing the exterior design, the interior and all the modifications carried out, it is easy to see that under the hood there’s also something special. And is this Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang has improved the engine of the Ford Mustang to take it to the 750 hp, thanks to turbocharging the V8 of 5 liters. It may seem a real outrage, however, the preparer account on the options list with a few modifications which raise the power up to 1500 hp, but on this occasion they preferred to settle with “only” half of the horses. The reason is that in this way it can circulate legally in the united States.

Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang SEMA 2016Source – Hot Rod