Husband year: he gave his wife a Ferrari FXX K and doing this it opens tiempazo Fiorano (video)

according to Ferrari Benjamin Sloss is a very generous man and with a big heart. And – I add – a lot of money. And this special customer prancing horse , and Google executive, and came on this site when in 2012 he paid nearly 1.5 billion euros by the Ferrari 599XX EVO auctioned purposes charity, to help victims of the earthquake in the region of Emilia Romagna. Benjamin, once again, has not only made happy to your contact at Ferrari, but also to his wife, Christine, who has received a Ferrari FXX K as a birthday .

The Ferrari 599XX EVO auctioned, given to an executive of Google

Christine, I could not imagine what her husband had prepared, went to Fiorano with the excuse to shoot with his Ferrari 599 XX . But on arrival he found that would roll with one of the most special supercars ever made by Ferrari, the new FXX K . So special that only a handful of units that may only be used in circuit is manufactured. In short, a sport of track-day very very exclusive. And he found that Ferrari FXX K , with a yellow body like the rest of Ferrari he keeps in his garage the couple, was his .

Christine, lover of sports and, judging by what we see, good pilot, got down to 1 minute 20 seconds after a few laps Fiorano. A tiempazo, if we consider that the record is 1 minute 14 seconds …

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To sample the video posted by Benjamin Sloss in his Youtube channel. Which you can see above.

The Ferrari 599XX EVO auctioned, given to an executive of Google

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