HWA will be part of the 'Season Five' of the Formula E


Unless changes in events, the season 2018-19 of the Formula E will have 22 single-seaters, the whole time the team HWA is about to announce his entry in the contest. The plans of the affiliated company of Mercedes passing by to take part of the ‘Season Five’ to learn all the secrets of the ‘Gen 2’ in an atmosphere of high competition and thus serve as ‘vanguard’ for the entry of Mercedes-AMG in the sixth season. In this aspect, the HWA has already signed an agreement with Venturi by the several engineers of the training have been integrated in the team of monaco.

HWA, which was founded 20 years ago as a ‘spin-off’ of AMG, have your own computer will serve as the basis for the subsequent arrival of the team of the factory Mercedes, intended for the season 2019-20. In this aspect, the HWA will take advantage of all the experience gained by its engineers in the bosom of the Venturi and it will make sharing technical basis with the own training. In fact, it is estimated that both HWA, as a Venturi used a powertrain developed by ZF Group, every time that HWA has been working in collaboration with the German engineering firm to finish giving shape to this project.

despite sharing powertrain, it is understood that through the twists and turns regulatory that has the Formula E HWA will work as a client computer of Venturi, every time the training if you have bid to be manufacturer of a powertrain, although this is of ZF Group. For this reason, HWA will not have the 15 days of testing that have allowed manufacturers and will have to comply with the official days of pre-season test and the ‘filming days’ that will correspond to each team. Be that as it may, it is expected that the announcement of HWA arrives during the ePrix of Berlin.