Hybrid, alternative, and bikes can circulate with high pollution in Madrid


The Protocol of measures to be taken during Episodes of High Pollution by nitrogen dioxide (NO2) has been presented to the media and shall enter into force on the February 1, . After meeting the consistory with the different sectors, we have taken into account their suggestions and complaints.

The different scenarios of action will come into force before, with a level of contamination lower, before it exceeds the allowable limit (18 hours per year in any measurement station). On the other hand, will be notified a day in advance, in order to organize the people.

finally, it rewards the drivers who bet on technologies that are more respectful with the environment, and enter the list of exempted both to the prohibition of parking within the almond of the M-30, as when the ban on the circulation of the 50% of the fleet (by registration number.

Thresholds Since February Before February
Level of notice 180 micrograms m3 200 micrograms m3
warning Level 200 micrograms m3 250 micrograms m3
alert Level 400 micrograms m3 400 micrograms m3

Will be exempt electric vehicles, hybrids and hovercars gas. To date, only the pure electric they were safe from any restrictions. Both the hybrid converted to gas have a nitrogen oxide emissions really low, so you have your justification to enable them to move.

With three or more passengers, there will be no restrictions to the circulation (for HOV)

Spain, like most european countries, have invested heavily in diesel oil motors. The historical reasons are a cheaper fuel, and lower energy consumption in comparison to gasoline, and also a bit of a habit. However, this option has only worsened the problem of emissions, to be very serious.

in Addition, the day to prevent the circulation by license number, odd or even, will also be exempt from the restrictive measures, motorcycles, tricycles and mopeds. From Engine.is glad that the town hall of madrid has been sensible in this regard.


The brands that hybrids have been sold are mainly Toyota, Lexus and Honda