Hybrid and four-cylinder: this raises the future of the Volvo Polestar high-performance

Polestar has become its own right in the arm of the high-performance Volvo. Even though I had already been dabbling with Volvo previously, has finally been acquired by Volvo, with the aim of developing a range of vehicles from high-performance, in the style of AMG and Motorsport for Mercedes and BMW, respectively. His opera prima have been the S60 and V60 Polestar 350 HP of power, and it seems that, in your future are the Volvo XC90, four-cylinder engines, and the ubiquitous hybridization.

All the Volvo will share in the future, the engines Drive-E four-cylinder engine and two liters, both diesel and gasoline.

Niels Möller is president of Polestar, and Coach have had the opportunity to meet with him. The swede has confirmed that Volvo is working on a version of the high performance of the current engine Drive-E four-cylinder and 2-liter. A version of gasoline and high performance capable of developing 350 HP, possibly through turbocharging accompanied by a boost compressor. A schema Twincharger is similar to that in the past had the Volkswagen with its 1.4 TSI high-performance.


Associated to a gearbox 8 relations, would have superior performance to the current block turbocharged inline six-cylinder and 3.2-liter that use the S60 and V60 Polestar. It is a motor that could end up under the hood of the Volvo XC90. Niels Möller does not rule out to create a version of the high-performance Volvo XC90, is a type of vehicle very profitable for Volvo and a niche competitive market. What we ignore is if 350 HP will be enough for the size of the XC90.

Polestar has just developed a Volvo S60 championship cars.

that is why Möller also has access to hybrid technology from Volvo. A technology that will be used with the aim of increasing the performance of hybrids, not to reduce their consumption or increase their autonomy 100% electric. A hybrid prestacional, as may be the McLaren P1, without going any further. Currently Polestar is evaluating the complete product portfolio of Volvo and assessing which are the models that can carry the seal prestacional of Polestar. The objective is clear: it must be a profitable project, with economic sense.

Introducing the new generation Polestar Performance Optimisation

XC90 has several ballots to be next to carry the stamp of Polestar.

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