Hyperloop begins its development in a month, transports more than 1,200 km/h in 2020

Hyperloop desarrollo

Hyperloop already has a date. Specifically, it will be within a month when you start first tests of development. To refresh your memory, Hyperloop is a project of Elon Musk, a project that aims to use small capsules capable of transporting not only passengers, but also cargo, at speeds of around 1,200 km/h. Speaking of another way, become obsolete virtually every other means of transport.

at The beginning the mammoth project of Musk seemed little more than science fiction, unrealistic, but what is certain is that it has much of a future. The next month is going to manufacture a test track of about 800 meters in length where you begin developing and experimenting with the movement of the capsules. Seek nothing less than to accelerate from 0 to 540 km/h in two seconds.


do Not, and will not be the transport that is final. In the end, that acceleration is not bearable for all mortals, and would pose more problems than solutions. The reason for these tests is to test the system that will move Hyperloop, a set of electric motors linear external that will drive every certain distance to the capsules. They will move through the interior of tubes watertight without touching it and reducing friction to the minimum.

Hyperloop will be capable of transporting, whether in its final version, passengers and cargo to speeds of over 1,200 km/h. It is a long-distance transport, and be able to make journeys of a few 620 km in only 35 minutes. So we understand, could cover the distance between Madrid and Barcelona at this time. Less then that the BIRD, the plane and much less than the car.

Hyperloop desarrolloIs a transport, ” says Musk, clean, and sustainable, in addition to affordable. Hyperloop promises capsules 28 people that will leave every 30 seconds or every 2 minutes according to the demand. The energy the get from solar panels, able to supply the system with up to 57 MW of maximum power. The project seems more than series when it already has a funding that is not less than 6,000 million dollars.

The second phase of testing, if all goes well in the initial phase, will be to build a tunnel of about two miles in length where you apply the theory as with capsules in development. For 2017 would already have capsules developed and ready for a definitive development. Hyperloop, therefore, it could be a reality in the horizon 2020.