Hypervelocity! So Easter egg Tesla Model S P90D

At this point in the party I do not think you need to introduce the Tesla Model S. The world’s fastest electric sedan and hatchback possibly the fastest overall time. Considering that is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in three seconds with their beastly 700 hp power and AWD system, this claim is not far-fetched. And the new Tesla Model S P90D has a curious “easter egg” hidden in its advanced infotainment system.

is not the first time that a similar Tesla hiding in one of their cars wink.

I will remember that it is not the first time that Tesla hidden “easter eggs” on their cars. An “egg” is a wink, a joke, a hidden curiosity, common in some video games or computer programs . Some time ago we made a collection of “Easter eggs” hidden in cars, but were for much of a physical, visible if you know where to look. Tesla soprendía us a while ago allowing convert our Model S in the submersible Lotus Esprit James Bond. And now allow us to be Han Solo.

Chewbacca Or, if you prefer. And it repeatedly touching the button that activates the “Ludicrous” mode – his name is almost a joke – where the car delivers maximum acceleration, the screen darkens and stars, they move towards us appear increasingly faster . Clearly, mimics the entry in the “hyperspeed” identically made popular by Star Wars, among other sagas of science fiction. An “egg” you can find out in the video below.

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Did you know that the Tesla Model S can become the submarine Lotus James Bond?

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