Hyundai and Cisco will work to improve connectivity in the car

Hyundai Grandeur/Azera

connectivity in the car is a vital if the brand wants to sell many units. The new technologies have taken hold of the dashboard of our cars and it seems like it, throw it in there, it’s going to be less difficult. Builders and brands are working hard to that their cars allow drivers a greater number of actions via the touch screen by the union of their smartphones to them.

Toyota along with Ford Engine will be of the first firms to create (or attempt to create) a standard in terms of connectivity in cars. To do this you will begin to to use the system SmartDeviceLink when they expect to welcome more manufacturers. However, in South Korea things look the other way and Hyundai Motor Company are going to work with Cisco System to improve the connectivity of their future cars.

Hyundai Cisco coche conectado

In the CES in Las Vegas the signature south Korean has been communicated to the union with Cisco for the creation of the technology necessary for the development of their autonomous cars, and the necessary software for improve connectivity of the cars in the group. With this movement seek the comfort of the driver and passengers is greater, and to do this they are working on a number of key areas.

The first is the driving autonomous (which are already proving with the first Ioniq autonomous ETUC), the second area on which they are working is a route guidance that will allow the driver to take the best route to reach your destination. The third aspect is focused on the integral maintenance of the vehicle remotely (the mark will be in touch with the customer when you have to perform maintenance tasks to the vehicle) and finally the creation of a mobility center that will allow to connect the driver to the car with your home and your place of work.

so soon no of the two firms has been reported when they could be available such advances, even though seen the Ioniq autonomous and run-up that has caught Hyundai, very soon we could have new news.

Source – Hyundai