Hyundai and Kia hope to overcome the 8 million cars sold in 2017

Kia Soul 2017

twenty years Ago when we talked about Hyundai and Kia many decried because their designs and in general their cars couldn’t come close to the europeans. However, time, work and the large investments that have been made in R+D+i, have given their fruits to be placed in the place that they deserve. The design of their cars is light years ahead of the one that appeared before the turn of the millennium, and if we talk about quality interior, mechanical, or security technology or info entertainment you can elbow with the best brands.

The year 2016 has been very good for both firms, they have managed to sell in set 7,88 million cars in the world. Its sales over the year 2015 have increased by 4.7 per cent, and its forecasts in the face the year that we just launched there may not be more flattering. According to have been declared responsible for the group’s south Korean, for next year wait to sell in the world 8.25 million cars.

Hyundai Grandeur Azera 2017 bocetos

To fulfill these purposes the things they do very well, but as a “grain to grain is granary” the Hyundai Group has not stopped working throughout this year to succeed the that comes. The basic pillar to fulfill its growth strategy in the market will be based on the launch of new models into segments in which are present, or in those in which now they are not.

have new factories in China and Mexico, which allow them to increase their productive capacity to meet with their clients. Another of the bets that are going to carry out is the introduction into the complicated world of driving autonomously. be presented at the next CES Las Vegas prototype self-contained on the hybrid Ioniq that will show the public its evolution in this field.

Close your growth strategy your bet by the market of luxury vehicles. Genesis is the maximum exponent in terms of luxury in the group and during the 2017 its range will grow to improve its ranking in China and the united States.

so soon we expect the new Kia Rio and the new versions of the Ioniq, two models that will give much to talk about in the next few months.

Source – Hyundai Motor Group