Hyundai and Kia would be preparing new sedans means for China

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The automobile market in china is one of the more peculiar (in the eyes of what is happening in other markets of the globe. Currently the chinese buyers are dumped in the purchase of sedans for cutting small or medium sized that offer a broad compartment since they represent for them the ideal car. This was happening in Europe (and Spain too) a couple of decades ago, but with the passage of time and changes of fashion have gone back in favor of other segments of the market.

This taste of the market does that some firms are betting on everything to sedans stockings and as an example of why we need to Kia. The signature south Korean sold in China a version four-door del Rio called K3 and it is not only sold well, but that along the Rio hatchback is the best-selling model of the brand in the world. In addition, your signature sister Hyundai, also has several models four-door, well positioned in the ranking of sales as the Accent.

Prueba Hyundai Elantra diésel

Hyundai Elantra

For this reason, in the leadership of the Hyundai Group (parent of both companies) would have thought to allocate more resources to the design and creation of more models stockings. This idea is already being materialized, since that would have caught both firms performing validation tests with some vehicles of this type. As we have commented, these vehicles would come to the market with a current design and fresh, plus the interior is spacious and well taken advantage of.

As it is logical to think, both Hyundai as Kia will have a model of this type. With them will be able to to complement their ranges for the lower part and be able to zoom in to products with a more affordable price. arrival to other markets, such as the united States or Europe, is completely ruled out. The reason is that they are not adapted to the tastes of the consumers of both markets and to change them would mean a high investment.

To end it is to be mentioned that the segment of sedans average is not the only one in which they are working in the Hyundai Group. Both companies are developing a range CUV (future Rio SUV) for the chinese market and many others in the world.