Hyundai B-SUV 2018: Asomate for the first time to a modern interior


Hyundai latest your new crossover.

Our photographers have returned to hunt the new B-SUV that is being prepared by Hyundai to compete with the successful Nissan Juke. Although this is not the first time that we sighted this new model, yes it is the first occasion on which we can see the interior one of these test units.

At the exterior we know you will be inspired by the Intrado concept, with a more evident than double-optic front. In the front you can see the optical DRL at the ends of the hood while a second set of fixtures will have something more down to the style that mounted the Nissan Juke or the C4 Cactus.

Although this test unit is shown heavily camouflaged and not let us perceive completely these items, out the camouflage reminds us precisely of the Cactus, with some LED daytime running lights are very thin and the main set under these.


Pilots horizontal in the behind.

In the interior, despite the obvious camouflage, which does not allow us to see more than the central part of the console, find features bold. The central console has a screen floating in the most high, and under this a few controls arranged horizontally.

it Is curious also the way that the designers of Hyundai have given the departures of central air, with rectangular shapes and finished in smooth curves, which also remind us of the that mounts the above-mentioned French model.

The new crossover Korean has been developed on the platform of the new Hyundai i20, although it will have a size between 4 and 4.4 meters. Previous reports suggest that the range mechanics will be shared with the newly introduced i30, counting on your deal with versions of front-wheel drive or total. Your presentation is expected for this same year 2017, with an arrival to
the dealers at the end of this year or the beginning of 2018.