Hyundai complete with the Nexus 196 kilometers driving autonomously

a couple of decades to talk about Hyundai was to make it a signature of third division, since the models sold on the european continent did not come close, not by a long shot, for quality and technology to the products sold by the firms are generalists that aspired to compete. However, in recent years they have put on the batteries, to such an extent that in many aspects have already surpassed the firms of the level of Volkswagen or Opel.

In the case of vehicles driven by green technologies one of the bets that best has worked is the hydrogen fuel cell, since, with his latest developments have shown the world that you are not the firm for twenty years. The Hyundai Nexus is the model manager to test it, and sell it, because it will be the first vehicle of large-scale production that will feature this powerplant to propel them.

however, this is not the only world first that comes with the all way Nexus, since, thanks to the technology of driving autonomous is developing Hyundai have been able to cover, with a prototype equipped with it, a journey of 196 miles (between Seoul and PyeongChang) without the intervention of a driver.

The length of time they have needed to make this tour has been 2 hours and 27 minutes to a average speed 90 kilometers per hour. In the sections where it has been possible (the proof mixed stretches of urban roads, inter-urban and motorway), the maximum speed reached by the Hyundai Nexus has been of 110 miles per hour.

the level of technology of self-driving that is provided Link is the 4 that allows you to drive almost autonomously, as taken by itself decisions in regards to analysis, classification and monitoring on the objects which are presented to the model when it is in circulation, deciding on the best option to move by the road.

all in all, thanks to this, the Hyundai Nexus is the only car in the world that in addition to being powered by hydrogen has a level 4 driving autonomous. To do this it has a complete technology package that includes items such as a radar front camera stereo front, LiDAR rear, radar tarsero and side, side camera, and LiDAR front.

Thanks to this advancement, the signature south Korean hopes to market their autonomous vehicles level 4 face of the year 2021, while it will be in 2030 when they will arrive to the market of level 5, thus completing the automation of the range.

Source – Hyundai

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