Hyundai created the sub-brand premium Genesis for its models more luxurious

GenesisRaise the level, the positioning of a brand, seems to be the way to go by a multitude of manufacturers. The fact is bringing to light a range of more luxurious, or premium if you want to call it that, and get away with a higher profit margins seems to be a treat. So much that now Hyundai presents Genesis, its new subbrand premium in short, we will begin to learn through new models.

According to Hyundai Genesis is a mix between design, quality and performance. That is to say, you will seek to a customer is more demanding and exclusive, who is willing to pay more for a product with added value. The range will consist of models sedan and SUV, but we cannot rule out a compact to enter fully into the struggle for the cds premium in Europe.


The Hyundai Genesis makes it clear the steps to follow

For yes, will come to Europe. Genesis will be a global brand. In the case of Hyundai, and usually the asian brands, we may think of its luxury brand not to come to the old continent, or at least not in a long way. But Genesis will be sold in the local market, also in the american market. And in Europe.

The design will be in charge of one of the most-coveted designer of the past few years Luc Donckewolke, that already has worked on brands such as Lamborghini. Supervise the Prestige Design Division, in charge of giving life to new models under the seal of the Genesis. We can expect a few more lines worked and higher levels of quality, with exclusive details and further options of customization.

hyundai-genesis-4The current Hyundai Genesis gives us an idea of what Hyundai can do if you want to be equated to luxury brands. And if in addition it creates a brand dedicated to do this, we can take for granted that it will develop exclusive models. Your range conventional has undergone a constant evolution and clear throughout the last several generations. Your denomination, that we also know, it will be easier by using a G and a number to define the segment. Would be something like G40 0 G60. Something as well as Infiniti models.

apparently the trademark Genesis not looking to tweak existing models in the range, Hyundai, but that will create new platforms for the new models. Can the rear-wheel drive and total, and the refinement mechanical are two of their bases. Don’t expect to find engines access as the bet goes through mechanical powerful high-performance.

time will be 6 models complete the range Genesis Hyundai, a strong bet for a market in which Hyundai know that they have options. It is likely that some of the models do not reach all markets, as is the case with DS, who was born under the prism of Citroën. In any case, it will be by 2020 when we know the elaborate brand Genesis and discover their virtues to classify it as premium.

Source – Hyundai