Hyundai Do Kona?, the rival of the house south Korean for the Juke and CIA

Prueba Hyundai Tucson 1.6 TGDI 176 CV 4x4 vista frontal

Hyundai is one of the firms that best results are obtained in the competed SUV segment. In our country, the Tucson and the Qashqai measured month-to-month their forces in a race for sales that seems to have no brake. However, where the signature south Korean triumphs in the segment Compact SUV, still suffers from a strong rival to the B-segment-SUV.

In this track game the Nissan Juke, Peugeot 2008, Renault Capture and company are the dominant ones. Hyundai knows it, and as their goal is to continue to grow in sales, is about to launch a rival to the height of the best B-SUV. The project of the SUV urban house east is very advanced and we may soon have a glimpse of what you will bring to the market.

Hyundai will manufacture this model, expected on the same platform that gives life to the new generation the compact i30. Thanks to its use, the space available in your cabin will be much greater than that of the Juke, 2008, and Capture. But in addition, the weight will not be compromised and therefore could be placed with the best in the segment, the Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V.

Prueba Hyundai Tucson 1.6 TGDI 176 CV 4x4 vista trasera

As the new i30 is coming to dealers throughout these months, it is very likely that the range mechanics of the new SUV of Hyundai is the same. As is logical, its technological equipment and security will also be very similar. Therefore, we will have that this new member of the B-segment-SUV will have attributes too powerful to be a leader in sales.

To finish we have that talk about your possible name. By the collective of the network to be aware of the following. Hyundai named to the models SUV to their range with names of tourist places which are located in the united States. Already have the Tucson, the Santa Fe and the Shark (not known in these parts). Thus, we have that the upcoming B-SUV of the firm, could be called Kona.

This name refers to a tourist spot which is located on an island of Hawaii. Therefore, and although their name now they don’t sound very well, the firm could use this logic to call it. In addition, with a good marketing campaign certainly up triumphs. His public presentation should be at some point this yearor, but that is something that we will have to discover when the time comes, or traces of leaks (that will be).