Hyundai Europe out of its range to the very popular Genesis

life is cruel, many of the things that happen in it should not happen. Within this immense cruelty in the automotive sector is one of the most ruthless. In this industry countless models have failed on a commercial level, not for being bad products, but by the prejudices and fears that they had before them as to the customers. We have very clear examples of this contempt for trade towards them as the last Fiat Bravo, the first Smart ForFour or now the Hyundai Genesis.

The premium saloon of the signature south Korean is one that can best embody the sphere of premium quality that is transmitted in this type of vehicle. However, she has had to deal with a problem from birth, and is no other than to be born in a crib commoner. Hyundai is and will be considered a signature generalist and with the launch of this product has made it very clear of what is capable and what is not. However, the customers of this type of products are very much influenced by the image and hence the signature asian can’t compete against the German.

Europe is the stronghold traditional of the three brands of premium German par excellence: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The signatures preimum american and japanese have, still, a witnessing presence, and Hyundai has had to be satisfied with being in this group. In addition, remember that the Genesis has been sold with a single mechanical gas (very little adapted to the tastes of european customers) configuration V6 and 4.8-liter displacement. This engine develops 350 hp of power that is transmitted to the ground by means of a change gear of automatic cutting 8 relationships and four-wheel drive.

The safety equipment and technology of the Hyundai Genesis is beyond all doubt, but to be a model without the pedigree price is difficult to justify. As shown there indicate that in Spain they have only sold 4 units in 2017 and to help them out some more they are offering discounts of up to 20 thousand euros. Therefore, the signature asian has announced that the Genesis will cease its sale in the Uk and after him will be pulling out of more markets in the community.

reported responsible for the brand, Hyundai wants the Genesis to fight for you against the signatures premium German and for this reason prefer to fold until you have your new range is formed. For now, just focus on the markets where their market share is significant and where they can earn money by selling their models. Its strategy for the future is still to be determined.

Source – Hyundai

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