Hyundai Genesis and the battle for the segment E: Lexus GS 450h, Mercedes E Class, BMW Series 5…

Genesis, the premium brand of Hyundai, operates in Spain, at least for now, with a single model, a Hyundai Genesis which is positioned between the sedans of the segment E as the option “different”, fighting with heavyweights such as the Audi A6, the BMW 5-Series and a newly-renovated Mercedes E Class (see test of the new Mercedes E-Class), but, is compared to that versions is positioned exactly?What we offers in front of these consolidated models?

The large complement of equipment in the Hyundai becomes one of its main claims:

Hyundai Genesis has a price 71.035 euros and comes with a gasoline engine V6 of 3.8 liters that develops 315 horses 4 wheel drive. Only sold with a single level of equipment, a finish that includes elements such as a system peripheral camera, a sound system 17 speakers, upholstery leather seats with electrically adjustable, ventilated and heated, climate control of three areas, smart key, panoramic roof, system of closing of doors the automatic, alloy wheels, lighting courtesy with the logo of Genesis… that Is to say, a budget really complete, with extras than any of the premium German would mean an outlay of several thousands of euros.

But let’s go one-on-one, brand to brand, seeing that we can offer Audi, Mercedes, Lexus and BMW as alternatives to this Hyundai Genesis, looking for petrol engines powerful, good equipment and a price next:

An Audi A6 and the engine 3.0 TFSI 333 horses

audi-a6-2016-18_1440x655cIn the range of Audi we find a Audi A6 equipped with the engine 3.0 TFSI 333 horses, change S tronic dual-clutch and quattro, that is to say, a set that closely resembles what offers us the Genesis, although, of course, in its endowment of equipment are missing some of the good details that equips the Korean.

what The price in this alternative? Less than the Genesis, 67.290 euros, so that even we can equip with the difference some other item. Without a doubt, this is postulated as the opponent more direct.

A BMW 535i xDrive for 66.050 euros

1440_bmw_serie_5genesisIn the range of BMW we find as the nearest alternative to this Hyundai with a BMW 535i xDrive with automatic switching. 306 horses and a price starting 66.050 euros.

Mercedes E-Class and a E 200 as sole representative gasoline for now:

genesis-Mercedes_Clase_e_2016_DM_12For now, the new generation of the Mercedes E-Class (see all the details of the Mercedes E-Class 2016) gives us, as the most representative gasoline (unique in fact) with available prices, a Mercedes E 200 184 horses from € 52,000. Yes, it leaves us with 20,000 euros to spend on equipment, but, is not comparable, we will have to wait for it to grow the range of the new Mercedes E-Class.

The alternative japanese: Lexus GS 450h

2016_Lexus_GS_450h_F_SPORT_010_6FDFE7740F3DB20151CEDC389073FA30250C23ECwe must Not lose sight either of the possibility of us with a Lexus GS 450h. Is hybrid and gives us a power of 345 hp running as well as a choice of the most tempting. price starting 69.800 € and also comes with a generous endowment of equipment, with leather, climate control of three areas, seats heated and ventilated, multimedia system with a screen of over 12 inches…