Hyundai Genesis G90, first sketches of the newly formed company


it Is undeniable that ahead of the G90 will be something like the Hyundai Genesis

last week, Hyundai announced the creation of the sub-brand Genesis. This has been created to compete in the luxury segment, the same thing that makes Toyota with Lexus or Nissan with Infiniti. Despite the youth of the company, just submit the sketches of that should be your first car, the Genesis G90.

The G90 should arrive by the end of next year or early 2017. It would be the replacement of the natural Hyundai Equus, which has already been discovered in its testing phase. The Equus has always represented the top of range in the Korean family, although with this jump of brand it is expected that the luxury will increase.

If we look at the sketches, it is clear that the G90 borrows much of the design of the Genesis Sedan, mixing it with the Hyundai Vision G Concept that we saw in the Contest of Elegance of Pebble Beach. Both will serve as a starting point for the creation of another super saloon, whose destination is set for the local market and the united States.

The character premium of a car comes not only marked by their badge or inner quality, but also does so from the point of view of mechanical. This is so that the G90 will employ engines of great power and capacity. Are expected to units V6 and V8, the same engines which already looks like the Hyundai Genesis, with changes automatic and rear-wheel drive.


it Is curious, but from this point of view, the rear is very reminiscent of that of a S-Class

The same thing happens with the technology. Far from feeling alarmed, stroke before the arrival of impressive German technology, the koreans think to equip its luxury units with all her knowledge is capable of providing. Prepare all over the world because this has not just started since expect to present six models before 2021.