Hyundai i10 vs Renault Twingo: what I sound like these round headlights?

what Is all made up? Every time there is a new product, a new car, our readers will not tardáis remind us, from the comments, the great thing that saves it with another similar product in its category. In the background is an understandable reaction. If it was only due to its proportions, and its silhouette, it is logical that a todocamino compact store to look like a Nissan Qashqai, or even that a new model shop to look like their brothers, of the same brand. In other cases the resemblance is limited to a particular aspect of the product. And it is there where it enters the new Hyundai i10 – see pictures of the Hyundai i10 (2017) – and a detail that is very familiar, what I sound like these round headlights of the new Hyundai i10? And yes, it effectively sound, and a lot of the latest generation of the Renault Twingo.

To introduce us to his new Hyundai i10 (2017), Hyundai we mentioned that, among the new aesthetic that have been incorporated, including a new front grille, which now includes two small projectors round with LED lighting. The aim of these projectors is certainly not the illuminate, the of see, but be seen. The function of these round headlights is to be used as daytime running lights.

manufacturers routinely employ this resource, the headlights, to define the most characteristic features of their cars. Of day, but especially during the night, the trait that best enables us to distinguish to a car is the contour of your headlights. And the daytime lighting LED, and the capricious forms that can be achieved in the design of the headlights, are being of great help to the designers in defining the image of the product. In the later releases of Hyundai we have seen as the mark of Korean resorted to a row of LED’s in the bumper, the case of the Hyundai Tucson, or even a row of LEDS in the lighthouse itself, the case of the Hyundai i20.

Meanwhile, the question that we will continue to do is the following: do you really not there are more resources than this to integrate the day-lighting of the new Hyundai i10?

of headlights, round, by the way, is also a resource used by the Fiat 500, by way of tribute, and review of modern and retro touch of the classic Fiat 500 of the late fifties.


In the picture above, the refreshed Hyundai i10 (2017).

hyundai-i10-2017-renault-twingo-faros-redondos-01In the above image, the latest generation of the Renault Twingo.