Hyundai i20 Active 2016, now also in Europe camper suit

hyundai i20 active 2016 3 e1441196312626 Hyundai i20 Active 2016, traje campero ahora también en Europa Only a few days where Frankfurt debut, Hyundai introduced i20 Active 2016 . Already we knew because it started marketing in other markets, but now comes to Europe with your specific configuration, and we know the first details of this crossover which should begin to be sold before the end of the year in the Old continent.

The Hyundai i20 Active is essentially a high i20 and talks about protections. It has sought the image, rougher appearance of small utility through a body kit consisting of a new plastic covers to the underside of the bumper, side skirts and the outline of the wheel arches.

hyundai i20 active 2016 1 e1441196441943 Hyundai i20 Active 2016, traje campero ahora también en Europa But it is not there to make moldings have been installed in the basement that simulate metallic shields, tires or a brand specific shapes to the rear bumper that integrates a round hole in the reflective, the reversing light and fog . The roof bars aesthetic close together.

Inside there are no appreciable changes, keeping the same style as his counterpart stuck to the road. Where yes there will be differences in the height and in the cockpit. Hyundai has given its i20 Active around with a specific calibrated suspensions which, in turn, raise the ride height by 20mm .

Hyundai i20 Active 2016 Since his arrival the engine range of the Hyundai i20 Active is small but attractive. It will take two engines under the hood, a block three-cylinder supercharged 1.0 shed new generation 100 and 125 horsepower . Despite his jeep appearance and a greater chance of leaving the asphalt, there will be all-wheel drive versions.

The Hyundai i20 Active is well cast in the European market as an option for anyone looking for a camper or differentiated aspect on the basis of a utility. In the Frankfurt know every detail and can begin to expect a range and price list for the Spanish market.

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