Hyundai i20 Sport: a small GTI of 120 horses that warms the environment before Hyundai N

we wait impatient for the arrival of the first model with the labeled Hyundai N, the division of sport Hyundai, but in the meantime, livening up this waiting, Hyundai we have presented an alternative approach to sports Hyundai i20, a Hyundai i20 Sport that, unfortunately, it seems that only stay in the German market.

Hyundai has chosen for this version to the alternative of a 5-door, despite having in their catalogue with a Hyundai i20 Coupe more for this sporting vocation.

Mechanically this alternative account under its hood with a block of three cylinders, 1 litre of cubicaje, a small mechanical, boost, through, manages to rise up to the 120 horses, a figure to reflect if we consider the current standards of the segment of the small GTI yes, over 200 horses, but that’s sure to move about freely to this little Korean.

By the way, this Hyundai i20 has also received a new tires multiradio 20-inch well worthy of a rally car, as well as a suspension lowered 20 mm, we imagine that, thanks to the presence of some new springs.

Aesthetically, beyond the new plant which gives it the suspension and the new set of tires, we found ourselves with a few new side skirts, a rear spoiler and a new diffuser in which is located an exhaust outlet sporty with a chrome finish.

of course we cannot ignore the new blue accents that run through your body.

This Hyundai i20 Sport will be, at least for now, available only in the German market, with a starting price of 19.990 euros.