Hyundai i30 2017, the new generation debuts an image refined and elegant


The new generation of the Hyundai i30 features a more elegant and refined.

Early not many days ago by a few teasers, finally here we have it, the new generation of the Hyundai i30 is already a reality. A model that as well we have been talking about previously, has been designed and developed in Europe. In addition, it will also be produced in the old continent. In this way, Hyundai seeks to offer a product that addresses all the needs and requests of the european drivers. What will be achieved? We’re going to find out.

In the first place, we take a look at your exterior design. If anything characterizes the new generation of the Hyundai i30 is that you have an image that [19459006conveysgreatersecurityandelegance. The new grille of cascading effect accompanied by the LED headlights of three projects, and LED lights for the daytime running of vertical design created a look very sophisticated. In addition, it also features new fog lights integrated in the Air Curtain.

on the other hand, their new proportions, the short overhangs and the hood elongated, help to create some sporty image and dynamic passing by on the road. Taking a look at the rear of the new i30 from Hyundai, we will see a few lights with reflectors in elevated position. The sculpted-look from behind also will capture much of your attention. Nor can we let pass without mention details such as the roof line is slightly tilted, or the rear spoiler.

To configure the Hyundai i30 2017 the customer may opt for a total of twelve colors for the body in three choices of finish (pearl, metallic and solid). You can also opt for different designs of tires steel 15-inch and alloy wheels of 15, 16 and 17 inches, respectively. Another notable change and that is not perceptible to the naked eye is the weight reduction that amounted to 28 kilograms. Thanks to the use of lighter and stronger materials, Hyundai has managed to create a more efficient model than its predecessor.

Leaving to one side the outside and having a look at the interior, the Hyundai i30 2017, we will see an environment that is in line with the latest releases and models presented by the brand. The interior seeks to create a welcoming atmosphere in which to have removed much of the controls are expendable. The touch screen of eight inches is the focal point of the cockpit.

Both the finishes, the materials used throughout the interior convey a great feeling of quality. The trunk cubes 395 litres, a figure very generous that can be increased up to 1.301 litre if you folded down the rear seats. The interior can be configured with different types of colors and upholstery in fabric or leather.


The cabin of the new i30 is similar to the recent releases of Hyundai. A quality environment.

technological equipment will be the last with the system of information and entertainment that we offer an environment completely connected. USB or Bluetooth connection and the possibility of enjoy of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay will delight both drivers and passengers. But, and what there is of safety and driving aids? As there are major new features in this aspect.

The new Hyundai i30 features the latest features in active safety. You will find systems and technologies, such as the following:

  • System autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
  • Alert driver’s attention (DAA)
  • cruise Control intelligent (SCC)
  • Detector dead angle (BSD)
  • traffic Alert rear (RCTA)
  • the maintenance System in the lane (LKAS)
  • information Function of speed limit (SLIF)
  • Assistance for high beam (HBA)

Hyundai i30 2017 - interior

The interior can be configured with different fabrics and colors for the trim.

Initially the range
shall be composed of a total of six options spread
equal parts between diesel and gasoline engines. The main novelty in this
aspect is the
engine 1.4-liter T-GDi with
140 HP and 242 Nm
of maximum torque. A block efficient, lightweight and with a
performance more than acceptable. Depending on the engine chosen, we can choose
for a
manual gearbox of six
or transmission automatic
dual-clutch DCT7

The range of engines for the Hyundai i30 2017 to detail

Engine Fuel Power Pair
1.6 Turbo Diesel 95 CV 280 Nm
1.6 Turbo Diesel 110 HP 280 Nm
1.6 Turbo Diesel 136 CV 280 Nm
1.4 MPi Gasoline 100 HP 134 Nm
1.0 T-GDi Gasoline 120 HP 171 Nm
1.4 T-GDi Gasoline 140 HP 242 Nm
Benefits Maximum Speed (km/h) Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec)
U2 1.6 (95) (6MT) 186 12.2
U2 1.6 (110) (6MT / 6MT Eco / 7DCT) 190 / 188 /190 11.0 / 10.7 / 11.2
U2 1,6 (136) (6MT / 7DCT) 200 / 200 10.2 / 10.6
1,4 MPi (100) (6MT) 183 12.7
1,0 T-GDI (120) (6MT / 6MT Eco) 190 / 187 11.1 / 11.3
1,4 T-GDI (140 (6MT / 6MT Eco / 7DCT) 210 / 208 / 205 8.9 / 9.1 / 9.2

Hyundai i30 2017 - posterior

So is the vanguard of the new Hyundai i30 2017.

And taking advantage that we are talking of engines, we must also note that Hyundai has revised the suspension as the address of the i30 to improve their behavior in all kinds of situations.

┬┐When it will come to the
The new Hyundai i30 will be available early next year
2017. If, before the end of the year, more specifically this month
September, we will be able to see live during the
Paris motor show 2016. A few months after Hyundai will begin production