Hyundai i30 N: two versions of 253 and 279 horses to the compact sports


Prototype of the new i30 N.

According to a half-australian, the new Hyundai i30 N you will receive a engine liters with 253 horses at its most basic, getting to 279 in its more powerful variant thanks to the addition of a performance pack optional.

as we told you in your day, the new i30 N will be presented in 2017 and you will receive a more than convenient set point on the frame, including brakes and suspensions improved, increased width and dual exit exhaust. The same publication australian anticipates that at the back we find 4 exhaust outlets, however, in the prototype tests we have been able to analyze up to now only found two.

The new i30 N you will receive a front more aggressive that the i30 and Elantra GT standard, in addition to wheels of a larger size and a small rear spoiler located above the rear window.

All of these innovations will be available in the basic version, 253 horses, while those equipped with the performance pack optional, in addition to the extra power, will also feature brakes and suspension reinforced.

By the time you know that you will be with the six-speed manual transmission, although CarAdvice speculates with the possibility of finding an available dual-clutch transmission and 8 relations, which allows the i30 to enhance the figures of acceleration.

For the moment, the model will be presented in the hatchback version 5
doors. All the prototypes and the images that have revealed the brand
until now only showed this variant of body.