Hyundai i30 Turbo-proof. Hyundai Has built a rival for the SEAT León FR?

This is the first thing I thought when I see before me. Red, with large 18-inch wheels, sport body kit – but without falling into the excesses – and a 1.6 Turbo GDi beating in her womb with 186 hp. Just over a year ago I tried a SEAT engined León FR 1.8 TSI 180 hp and a combination of color and identical tires. The truth is that Hyundai wants to prove with i30 Turbo that is capable of making cars dynamic but logical . It has built a logical sport compact Hyundai? Let’s find out.

The Hyundai i30 more [1.99902 million] smug your garage

No parking of tune in your office, but neither will completely unnoticed.

Forgive the adjective. He not even deserves it. It is a nice car, unless its striking color, could spend more or less unnoticed in city traffic. Let us in situation. The Hyundai i30 is the offer of the C segment in Europe and its best-selling vehicle with a difference. Available in bodies of three five-door and wagon struggle to gain a foothold in the competitive mass market. He has received a facelift just a half ago, with his image is more modern. Among the new versions, this i30 Turbo.

This is the Hyundai i30 most powerful ever created, so that in the future get a truly radical Hyundai i30 N, able to fight the crème de la crème of European sports compact. This Hyundai i30 debuts a Turbo new 1.6 T-GDI turbo of 186 CV offered by the time the five-door body. The unit we’re testing is a five door, with just under 6,000 km on the odometer. The main differences with a conventional i30 are quite clear.

Very sensible, nice 18-inch wheels and a discreet emblem traseo

The body kit is dynamic, but not scare your family. The grille is framed by an elegant silver plastic and the lower bumper has two strips of LED daytime, highlighted by a new strip of silver plastic. Together with some 18-inch wheels conceals quite well among other compact with sports kit, such as a Volkswagen Golf R-Line. It is at the rear where it is clear their sports condition with a dual exhaust and a decorative diffuser.

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An exciting inside: Hyundai is stepping up

Turbo The Hyundai i30 car wants to be a dynamic , and inside Hyundai is stepping up to look like it. The interior of the car is the least has changed after the facelift, but hardly feel outdated or little update: it is in line with Hyundai offers. The seats have large flanks and offer good lateral support as discussed in the second part of the test. Its flanks are trimmed in leather with red, while the remaining tissue is textiles.

The mixed fabric and leather upholstery is standard. No choice in full leather.

The steering wheel is similar to any i30, but is lined in black perforated leather with red paspuntado. I really like the shifter. Leather-wrapped, again with details red as the pattern of the marches. The rest of the interior is no different from a conventional Hyundai i30. The instrumentation is clear, easy to read. The center console is dominated by the touch screen infotainment system. Despite the relative abundance of buttons, its handling is very simple.

The same is true of the HVAC system. Most modern compact market spinners used for all controls, the i30 still uses abundant pushbuttons. Controls are generally left hand, but to the right of the screen make sight deviate more than necessary. The multifunction steering wheel is also profuse in buttons, but again easy to use. In a few minutes you become its operation. It’s really one of the advantages of Hyundai, the intuitiveness .

Although abuses of hard plastics, quality of finishes and settings is satisfactory, in the middle of a demanding segment.

The encuestras JD Power initial quality have valued this usability. Maybe it’s a traditional approach and innovative usability bit much, but it is effective. Another point which I think highlights the Hyundai i30 is on practicality . I mean for example the huge gap beneath the center console, which also clearly placed auxiliary audio inputs or two outlets twelve volts. Not lie in the glove compartment or corners. Obvious to all.

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The center armrest conceals a hole where it should be an SLR camera with an objective means a medium-sized bag or water bottles. Very large gap, which joins two holes for drinks between the two front seats. You will not go thirsty: each door holds half liter bottles. Two other holes to drink in the rear armrest, which yes, no crosses boot access. His glove has a size on the pricey small, although change is both cooled and illuminated.

Kit puncture. If they come wrongly made – a blowout or puncture difficult’ll have to call the crane .

Its trunk has 378 liters . It is not a spectacular figure, but I like your mouth is wide load is at a comfortable height: do not you go to deslomar to load and unload luggage. Again, it is the practical details and ease of use which convinced me anchors ISOFIX anchors and trunk network are clearly indicated. An additional outlet and the ability to bring down the entire row of the rear seats give the i30 a large practical dimension.

With the folded back row – in a typical configuration 60/40 – can form a flat surface on which enters a load volume of 1.3 cubic meters, or in other words, 1316 liters . If there is something I’m staying in this interior – in our case by a gigantic illuminated panoramic roof practicable, an extra € 800 – it is with its ease of use. Everything is where it should, can empty all our pockets easily and everything works as it should. Now must convince dynamically.

This is the wheel where Hyundai must show that also can do dynamic machines that excite us . Because no one compact almost 200 hp purchase to receive the same emotions that gives the place a washing machine. Stay tuned …

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