Hyundai IONIQ 2016, first images and data of the hybrid Korean

Hyundai IONIQ 2016 Hyundai IONIQ is going to be one of the releases of the year 2016. We are sure of that for one simple reason, it is postulated as the largest and most direct enemy of the Toyota Prius. It is for this reason that the hyundai brand is giving you so much hype, a hype that you just grow once we show their first official images. Still lean, as we get a sense of how it will be the pride technology of Hyundai.

What we have discovered through the multitude of teaser, but now we know two real images. The first one focuses on the back and confirms what we already feared. Bet for a body characteristic and differentiated, but at the same time is not going by announcing that the car has a propulsion alternative. Has an ass high and a glass split rear in two parts, but there are no tricks strange design as they do in the Prius.

Hyundai IONIQ 2016finally, there are tires that seem to have an aerodynamic profile, in the same way as the body type kammback that improves aerodynamic efficiency. It is not for less, when we talk about a competitor that points to the ultra-efficient Prius, and with which it shares this distinctive feature.

The other image shows us the inside, a cabin which, again, could pass for that of a conventional car. There are some details that lead to the technological side, as the central screen touch from where we can access the control of multimedia system. Contrary to what might seem after seeing the advances in the form of a teaser, it leaves enough to the buttons, a detail that we thought would link up with in the touch control.

Hyundai IONIQIn mechanical terms, the Hyundai IONIQ debuts a new engine 1.6 GDI atmospheric petrol specially developed to achieve, says the brand, a energy efficiency of 40%. Are 105 horses that come in from the heat engine and others 43,5 those who make it from the electrical. We do not know anything of joint power but yes to over 130 horses, more than the Prius.

We are talking about a IONIQ that moment announces first details of its hybrid version. Do not forget that in the future there will come a IONIQ plug-in hybrid and fully electric. Although consumption data are not completely official, it seems that the hyundai brand is willing to beat, or at least as close which throws off the new Prius. We are talking about the environment of the 3 l/100 km on average.

Hyundai, who will present his new IONIQ in the next few days, also announcing a mechanical arrangement different. Bet for a automatic gearbox DCT dual-clutch and a tune fun. With the exception of the gearbox, the CVT in the case of the Prius, is a promise that both manufacturers have been conducted on its new hybrid. In the next few days we will know more details pending its european debut in Geneva and its marketing over the next few months of 2016.