Hyundai IONIQ 2016, spy photos of the hybrid Korean

Bumpers and spoilers side in matte black are the only camouflage that presents the Hyundai IONIQ 2016 that has been hunted by one of our photographers finalizing details on its development and fine tuning before its official presentation, probably in the next Geneva 2016.

With the main mission, nothing more and nothing less to fight a duel with the hybrid most sold in the world, the Toyota Prius, Hyundai has put all the meat on the grill to develop from zero the vehicle to provide a saloon media with all the technology of fuel savings possible and in turn, with a dynamic design that will not let in evidence that the tendency to make “different” to the hybrid vehicles.


The fall aerodynamics of your rear is one of its distinctive traits of hybrid vehicle

¿And why we speak of different?

Because for the first time ever, the hyundai brand we are going to offer a vehicle developed expressly to be efficient and with special care taken in its aerodynamics, but without the need of abusing the design Kammback (drop of water) on your body and offering a conventional car that is accepted both in the american market as european.

And as we can see in the screenshots spy of the article, the sedan of Hyundai is shown with a line of design that, being different to the aesthetic language of the brand, not out of place in excess of presenting a sober appearance and dynamics of the set where the few areas in which discover that it is a hybrid vehicle, in addition to the fall of your body, are found in the lack of sharp angles, on the side of the vehicle, and in the design of its tailgate, with the integration of its headlights in the behind the glass – .


Leaving to one side the designs of eccentric despite having been created to have the maximum efficiency

Although we still have some details to know, all the technology included in the set, or up to that level of efficiency has come to the Korean company, all indications are that Hyundai has ready a Prius killer and that he has taken his job very seriously.