Hyundai IONIQ, ready for your presentation: it will be hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric


Hyundai is going to bet very strong for the alternative fuel and energy. In fact it is already doing, with models such as the Hyundai ix35 Fuell Cell, but soon will come a new and outstanding model that promises to be a strong rival to the Toyota Prius. It will be called Hyundai IONIQ, and here we have her first image of advancement.

by way of teaser, the Hyundai IONIQ we discover some of its side profile. Since you’ve shown your interior spy photos, and from its exterior design, the IONIQ is going to strengthen as something different, giving way to a new model distanced itself from the rest of the current range of the south Korean manufacturer.

With the body of the vehicle are compact and a third volume, truncated, in the Ioniq distinguishes a dynamic silhouette: there is a lack of a downward slope on its back to the coupe styling. A waist line very marked, a profile chrome plated for his glasses on the side-the image does not end of the be clear – and front and rear lights with LED technology put the notes outstanding remaining.


Hyundai IONIQ: this unit tests were taken by our photographers spy

Its name comes from “ion” (a particle is electrically charged, which has lost or gained electrons), and it seems very successful for a model of this type. Effectively, in the Hyundai IONIQ the electricity is very present, and will have three different versions: this will be the first model to be offered with engine, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric.

In the IONIQ we hope the launch of this new hybrid engine from Hyundai. It is composed by an electric motor with features of indeterminate, together with the block 1.6 GDi petrol, that works by Atkinson cycle, makes 105 BHP and boasts of a high thermal efficiency of 40%, equaling to that of the new Toyota Prius. Incorporate an automatic change of eight-speed, specially designed to minimize losses.

The Hyundai IONIQ will be a global model, and will be presented in the coming weeks, starting with a initial launch in South Korea in January and a later arrival to Europe and the united States: what we will see in the Geneva 2016, already in march, and just a few days later also in the New York Hall of 2016.