Hyundai Ioniq, so it will call the anti-Prius, and so will be your inner

Each time we are closer to knowing the direct rival of the Toyota Prius in the works Hyundai. The hyundai brand continues to refine its tuning, even though the images you see below show that the Hyundai Ioniq, so it will be called, is close to be finished. Your presentation should not be delayed beyond the first quarter of next year.


The interior is already finished, and we see a lot of technology in it

The truth is that Hyundai already has a hybrid model in the market, such are the case of the Sonata Hybrid, and Tucson Hybrid. None of these are sold in Europe, but it will make the Ioniq, which has been especially designed to compete with the pioneer Prius in all markets possible.

We are faced with a new model, does not depart from any other previous model, Hyundai has worked from scratch on this unit, although outwardly there is no denying the resemblance to the Prius. Both will be like in numbers, so we are talking about a saloon compact of about 4.6 metres long.

The real novelty of these spy photos is the interior, which although it had already left to see, is now when we can contemplate it completely finished and discovered. We quickly give accounts that little is going to look like the other models of the brand, and will feature advanced technology and a large touch-screen display.


The tarps camouflage us to infer its design, although not allowed to see the full

we Also note that Hyundai has chosen not to abuse the touch surfaces and digital. An example is the box of instruments, combines the traditional areas of analog with some digital information, such as the indicator of driving efficiency or the level of gasoline in the tank.

In the mechanical part by the time it is not known which combination will drive the Ioniq. It is expected that a gasoline engine 1.6-liter is teamed to an electric motor and a few batteries of long duration, in addition to an automatic CVT. In this respect we must mention that there will be two possible versions, a plug-in and the other does not.

Soon we will know all the details of this Hyundai Ioniq, the first hybrid of the brand with global marketing. The bet has been clear and convincing on the part of the hyundai brand, and competing against the mighty Prius will not be an easy task. The Geneva motor show is sure to unveil what we all want to know.


the design of The Ioniq is completely new, there is no current model that has served as the template