Hyundai IONIQ: the compact that aims to break the mould with 3 alternatives, electric, hybrid, and plug-in

like much of the news coming to us from Seoul. We like it because from Hyundai Motor Company is considering a strategy of electrification differently, rescuing the idea, of a technological model and modern, of bodywork exclusively designed by and for its electrification, which in its day already used models such as the Toyota Prius or the Nissan Leaf. We like, why not say it, because Hyundai and Kia are raising their respective lines, are well differentiated to avoid any fight fraternal. And the solution it proposes Hyundai already has a name. The Hyundai IONIQ will arrive at dealers in 2016 and will only be available with three mechanical: a hybrid, the other hybrid and plug-in and, finally, another electrical.

Hyundai IONIQ is a sort of Toyota Prius that will be available with three mechanical: the hybrid, the hybrid plug-in, and pure electric.

Hyundai IONIQ 2016 you will enjoy the silhouette that illustrates this article. Hyundai still has not given us too many details of their approach, beyond the fact that you will enjoy compact dimensions. In the light of this image, we can intuit that they have advocated for an integration of the rear, with a minimalist rear overhang, between the design Kammback so characteristic of the Prius, and the softness of the fall of the roof of a coupe.

Will become the first model to be marketed with three alternative mechanical based in some sort of electrification, among which the two-hybrid shall have a heat engine of gasoline.


  • Hyundai IONIQ you will enjoy design, compact dimensions, rear third volume and design Kammback, and drop ceiling with coupe styling.

    The philosophy that seeks to Hyundai is precisely that of providing a car that’s secure your image, sustainable and efficient, perhaps in the pursuit of the effect Toyota Prius that we have witnessed in recent years, with the versatility to offer three choices of well differentiated to suit the needs of their customers.

    Hyundai IONIQ you will enjoy a new platform, reserved only and exclusively for this model. What we do not yet know are the numbers, power, autonomy, consumption, and benefits, which will provide each one of your alternatives mechanical. We will know more details in the coming weeks. It will be presented in South Korea in January, to be present later in the halls of Geneva and New York.

    From your sister to Kia, on the other hand, few days ago I confirmábamos the arrival of a model with a similar approach, but clearly differentiated. The Kia Niro will be the bet electric Kia for the coming year, clearly differentiating for enjoy a body a crossover, created only and exclusively to host his electric thruster.

    Source: Hyundai
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